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    Kunal Nande; Data Analytics

    "This is a great platform to connect and learn from some great Mentors in highly aspirational companies and roles.
    I was seeking advice in the Data Analytics domain. Through the Mentor session, I got all my queries solved and was able to successfully chalk out a clear plan with my Mentor to achieve my career goals in the next 3 years."

    Mansi Sharma; GMAT Preparation

    "I aspire to make it to one of the top B schools in the world and had some questions regarding applications, GMAT preparation, as well ROI expectations that could only realistically be answered by alumni of these schools. After connecting with 2 Mentors here, I got answers to some pertinent questions which helped me make key decisions about which schools to aim for and how to prepare for them. "

    Lavanya Dixit; Software Development

    "As someone who has just started her career in the IT industry, with an e-commerce startup, there were a lot of questions in my mind pertaining to my career trajectory and growth. I am extremely thankful to my Mentor who guided me on the tools and technologies I need to master in my domain and the best ways to do so. After the session, I had a much clearer view of my future prospects, and will connect with my Mentor again to critically track my progress."

    Siddharth Verma; Digital Marketing

    "WisTree Solutions has built a great platform to help young professionals like me get closer to their dreams. I connected to a Mentor in my dream company and got insights into the work culture, interview process, key areas to prepare for and other useful study resources. His guidance has made all the difference and I am confident about cracking the interview."

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