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    The Problem At hand


    For most of us, our dreams and aspirations diminish as we grow up and eventually when a fork in the road appears, we choose to tread the path MOST traveled by.
    Majority of students graduate from university with little to no knowledge about what to do with their degrees and why they were pursued in the first place.
    While there is a lot of gyaan out there, there is very little useful information for youngsters looking for answers.

    To Do But What To Do? And More Importantly, Why?

    When we are young we want to change the world, but when we grow up the world changes us. We focus less on knowledge, skills or aspirations and more on certificates and degrees.

    This results in graduates who are not industry ready, and a situation wherein one in every three graduates is unemployed, according to Labour Ministry report released in November 2013. Those employed end up working jobs for which they are often overqualified and that offer them little satisfaction.

    With a lack of awareness about the various prospects suitable for their skill set and inclination, lack of a mechanism to bridge the knowledge deficit that exists between university and industry, students end up spending lacs on degrees that don’t fetch them true knowledge and end up in careers that don’t fetch them happiness.


    We are on a mission to change the status quo and redefine the way India learns by building a vibrant ecosystem that will be an enabler for young Indians in identifying their area of interest, exploring opportunities in that sphere, understanding the scope and growth aspects in it, and equipping them with all the ammo they need in their arsenal, for their journey to success.


    Based on an individual's area of interest, we make sure all our efforts into training and development are opportunities to listen, learn and network with the best minds in that particular space. It is also an endeavor that we at WisTree truly identify with, as it promises to not only inspire new ideas and promote learning, but foster innovation and ignite the passion to realize a dream.
     We enable the youth to make their own trail and be the best at what they do.


    With a focus on manifesting the latent innovative spirit of young Indians, we strive to build and serve AWESOME.