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    Get Actionable Insights & Insider Tips On How To Get Shortlisted & Hired By Top Tech Companies, Straight From The Horse's Mouth

  • Exclusive Q&A With Akash Sethi, Software Engineer, Google, Mountain View

    Mentor Bio: After pursuing an MS in CS degree from TU Kaiserslautern, Germany, Akash started working as a Software Engineer on the Google Scholar team. His top skills include Programming, Machine learning, Artificial Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Data Structures and Algorithms etc..He can give expedient advice and guidance on making a lucrative career as a Software Engineer, bagging roles in top companies and on pursuing a Masters' Degree.

    Get Mentored By A Top Developer

    When: Sunday, 9th June, 10:30 AM

    Where: Zoom.us

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    What To Expect From The Session?

    • Get actionable advice on 'Building a Stellar Profile & Projects Portfolio As a Fresher and Chalking Out A Clear Strategy To Prepare For & Cracking Interviews of Top Product Companies'.
    • Learn the most important skills and the hottest areas to focus on, to get shortlisted and hired by the Big 4.
    • Chalk out a clear strategy on how to build a stellar profile and Resume for top companies(Competitive Coding, GitHub, Personal Projects, Research Papers, Personal Website/Blog etc)
    • Get insider tactics on cracking interviews for Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. as a Fresher.
    • Learn how to build a strong projects portfolio and get shortlisted by recruiters.
    • Get the best books, MOOCs and resources recommendations.
    • Get all your questions resolved about making it as a Software Engineer with/without a Master's Degree