• Free Live Online Mentorship Session By Amazon's Data Scientist

    Get Actionable Insights & Insider Tips On Breaking into Data Science and Making it to Top Companies, Straight From The Horse's Mouth

  • Q&A With Rajeev R Bhatia, Data Scientist, Amazon | Carnegie Mellon University

    Mentor Bio: An alumnus of the coveted CMU, Rajeev has 6+ years' experience in Data Science, Software Engineering and IoT from United States, India, and Norway. Previously, he was a Senior Data Scientist at Ernst & Young, New York.
    His focus areas are Machine Learning and AI, especially in Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Reinforcement Learning for Energy and Data Center Optimization, and he can provide invaluable Mentorship in the same.

    Get Mentored By A Seasoned Data Science & Machine Learning Practitioner

    Date: Sunday, 21st April

    Time: 11:30 PM IST

    Duration: 30 minutes

    Where: https://zoom.us/

    The Zoom session can be joined by a limited number of people ONLY, pre-register to save your spot.

    What To Expect From The Session?


    • Get actionable advice on breaking into Data Science and getting your first big break.
    • Learn the most important skills and areas to focus on, like Statistics, Mathematics, ML algorithms etc. including how?
    • Chalk out a clear strategy on how to build a stellar profile for top companies(Kaggle competitions, GitHub, Personal Projects, Research Papers etc)
    • Get insider tactics on cracking interviews for Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. as a Fresher.
    • Learn how to build a strong projects portfolio and get shortlisted by recruiters.
    • Get the best books, MOOCs and resources recommendations.
    • Get all your questions resolved about making it as a Data Scientist with/without a Masters' Degree and PhD.
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